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Fuse Tutor Melbourne

Private Tutors


Our tutor’s main goal is to help you achieve results by matching you with passionate, results driven tutors. Our tutors have the experience to improve your grades and confidence. We focus on helping you:
  • Understand: Understand and apply new concepts
  • Achieve: Set goals and achieve them
  • Be efficient: Cut down on your study times
  • Be confident: Working independently by self learning and advocating
Our tutors will continually understand and adapt their teaching program to your needs, initially consolidating areas of improvement so you can then confidently tackle and comprehend advanced topics to help you deliver better results.

Expert Tutors

We match you with the best tutors in your local area to give you the best opportunities to succeed. Our tutors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, and they are dedicated to personally mentor you to help you persevere:
  • Top 10% of the State’s High School Certificate achievers
  • High Distinction University Graduates and Undergraduates
  • Track record of achievements including Premier’s Award Recipients
  • Qualified and registered teachers
  • Experts in the subject field with numerous years ot tutoring experience
  • Personally evaluated and professionally screened with Working with Children checks


We work around the busy schedule of a student and operate 7 days a week to allow regular sessions to be scheduled at a convenient time. Our tutors can conduct lessons at your home or alternatively at the local library giving you more freedom and greater access to our expert tutors. Working at home with students allows parents and guardians to keep up with their in-home commitments and at the same time give students the benefit of working in the privacy and comfort of a familiar place.