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Melbourne Tutors, a subsidiary of Fuse Tutor is a fast growing network of teachers and tutors. We are continually on the search for experienced tutors who are passionate about teaching, and enjoys enlightening students to improve their life and career prospects. If you believe you have the key qualities below and fit the selection criteria, then proceed to apply for a tutoring position to make an impact on Australia’s education.

Key qualities

  • Passionate about education – You are motivated and driven but you love to transfer your knowledge and life experiences to help students grow and to better themselves. You feel great accomplishment in enlightening students.
  • Intelligent – You have achieved sterling academic results and know what it takes to get there. You hope that you can provide insightful strategies and boundless but relevant knowledge to students to give them an edge in their studies.
  • Great communication skills – An ability to communicate and get the message across requires a confident individual who possesses a special amalgam of intelligence, passion, and communication skills.
  • Outstanding people skills – You must have a strong ability to develop rapport with your students, to lift their spirits when they are struggling and provide a sense of calm when they are restless. You will ultimately provide an enjoyable lesson which can be game changing for the student’s progress.
  • Assertive and resourceful – Mature, self directed and able to adapt quickly and effectively to different learning styles. You must be resourceful and have an assertive demeanor to guide and drive students to achieve their personal best.

Selection criteria

  • Teachers, degree qualified postgraduates and graduates, and current university students who are friendly, mature and self directed with sound academic results to deliver stimulating lessons to students will be considered.
  • Registered teachers with relevant teaching experience in an Australian school or institution
  • Enrolled teachers or students studying a relevant tertiary teaching degree
  • University students or degree qualified postgraduates and graduates with academic results of above 90 for their VCE (ATAR)
  • Solid English communication skills
  • Australian citizens or permanent residents