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Melbourne Tutors

At Melbourne Tutors, we engage high achieving, passionate tutors to deliver engaging private tutoring lessons to Primary and High school students Melbourne wide. Dedicated English, Maths, Science and VCE tutors are available to help you achieve your personal best.

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Melbourne Tutors provide local private tutoring to Primary and High school students across Melbourne, Victoria.
We have selected a team of high achieving, passionate and professional tutors who will help you achieve academic success.
Our structured and highly effective tutoring program will help develop your confidence, shave off study and revision times and give you an edge when it comes to tackling your assignments and school exams.
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How Our Tutors Can Help

If you need assistance in English, Maths or Science, Melbourne Tutors have a dedicated team who will:
  • Ensure you understand the key concepts at school
  • Assist you with your homework and assessments
  • Help extend your understanding of the subject material
  • Prepare you for future concepts
  • Mentor you and help you achieve your personal best

How it Works

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Select a tutor from our database of screened, professional and experienced Melbourne based tutors. Alternatively you can enrol and we will match the best available tutor for you.


We will organise your lessons with the tutor at the agreed time and location. We can provide tutoring lessons at your house or the local library.

Attend your lesson

Attend your lesson and learn. Our tutors are engaging and knowledgeable. They will pass on key information and tips to help you achieve your subject goals. Payments are deducted from your credit card after the completed lesson or you can prepay by internet banking transfer. Lessons start from $45/hour and you can track your lessons and accounts online.


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